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Don't just surf-n-browse. DO something for Goa. You can get involved in Goa's development...
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Don't just surf-n-browse. DO something for Goa.

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Current Projects

Goa DESC E-Documentation and Consumer Information Center Project

Green Cross Wildlife Awareness Project

Goa Schools Computers Project

You can register at our site and submit a proposal for a project via an online form

You can get involved in Goa's development in one of the following ways.

# By offering your expertise in your area of specialization to an NGO in Goa, either by volunteering for a few months, remotely through email or during short visits to Goa. For this purpose please tell us of your interest by emailing us.

# By donating to Goa Sudharop to support a Goa Sudharop project listed on our projects page or to an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) of your choice in Goa. You can find information on NGO's under the Goa NGO's link For this purpose mail checks to Goa Sudharop, 67 KINGSTON ROAD,KENSINGTON,CA, USA 94707, or use your credit card to pay securely by clicking on the Donate link on the website. Click Here for a list of donors who have already donated to projects supported by Goa Sudharop.

# If the company you work for has a MATCHING FUNDS program to match your donation, we hope that you will avail of it.

# Infant Jesus Academy, Velsao, Goa has appealed for funds for its students coming from financially challenged families.

Goa Sudharop-America India Foundation Volunteers Siddharth Gejji(right front) and Daryl Martyris(left front) meeting with AIF Honorary Chairman Bill Clinton.


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